Complete Rental Hydraulic System Package For Turnkey Project Application – Delta Hydraulics

Delta Hydraulics offers a complete rental hydraulic system package for a turnkey project. We are continually expanding our rental HPU inventory and are readily available to provide you with a quick response for your rental HPU needs. Rentals are available throughout the Gulf Coast Region and the South, the Central United States, and the Eastern and Western states of the United States. Our in-house custom built rental HPU’s provide an assortment of engineering adaptations and accessories available to meet your HPU needs including:

  • Diesel or electric powered units
  • Various sizes and types of hydraulic pumps available to meet customer needs including  gear pump, fixed displacement, piston pump for compensating systems, and stainless steel for fixed displacement water glycol pumps.
  • Control valves, relief valve, manual valves or electrical valves; manual hydraulic control valves are available in multi-sections with motor or cylinder spool set ups and with the option of detented or non-detented.
  • Electrical hydraulic control valves-available in DO3, DO5, and DO8; control voltage available 12 volts, 24 volts, or 110 volts
  • Tanks of various sizes (carbon steel or stainless steel available for water glycol)
  • Built in low tank reservoir level shut down switch for protection of hydraulic system
  • Pressure filters, return filters, and in tank suction screens
  • Skid Mount Frame is equipped with harness connections on top for forklift capability 4 point lifting harness with certifications.
  • All HPU skid units are built with a spill containment skid pan. We also provide auxiliary berms as needed for spill containment.
  • Each hydraulic reservoir is equipped with an atmospheric particulate filter-to trap water or other contaminants.
  • All units are equipped with flooded suction to prevent the risk of cavitation.
  • Assorted footprints are available
  • Multi-port connection- bulkhead panel (pressure ports, return ports, case drain ports)
  • Water or air heat exchangers
  • Low pressure and high pressure manifold available for multi-pressure and/or return connection ports
  • Set up and training available for use and safety of hydraulic power unit
  • On site electrical and fluid hose connection set up
  • Each unit is equipped with air/heat exchanger; low oil level automatic shut off, and pressure relief valves for safety. If greater demand is needed for heat exchange auxiliary coolers are available for rental.