Reviving Your Hydraulic Pump:  How The Delta Team Repairs & Restores Your Pump to Its Former Glory

Hydraulic pumps are essential components in various industries, powering a wide range of machinery and equipment. Over time, these pumps may experience wear and tear, leading to decreased performance and efficiency. When faced with a failing hydraulic pump, you have several options: repair, replace, or rebuild. 

This blog post will focus on hydraulic pump rebuilding, a cost-effective and eco-friendly solution Delta Hydraulics offers. We’ll walk you through the entire hydraulic pump rebuild process, highlighting its benefits and why it has become an increasingly popular choice for businesses.

The Hydraulic Pump Rebuild Process at Delta Hydraulics


At Delta Hydraulics, we specialize in rebuilding hydraulic pumps to their original performance levels. Our technicians follow a meticulous process to ensure the best results for every rebuild project. Let’s delve into the critical steps of the hydraulic pump rebuild process:

Cleaning and Disassembly of the Hydraulic Pump

Upon receiving a pump for rebuilding, our skilled technicians start by thoroughly cleaning the exterior. While hydraulic pumps generally do not arrive caked with mud and debris like final drives, proper cleaning is still essential for a successful rebuild. Next, the pump is disassembled, and we visually inspect each component. 

Even though we will replace seals and O-rings during the rebuild, we check them for signs of damage, which may indicate underlying motor issues that need addressing. After disassembly, the components undergo a thorough cleaning in a parts washer.

Hydraulic Pump Inspection and Assessment

Once cleaned, each component is inspected again with precision. Our technicians assess the parts against strict guidelines for re-usability. We discard parts we cannot salvage, then complete a detailed pump assessment. This inspection helps us identify which parts can be reused, reconditioned, or need replacement.

Customized Hydraulic Pump Rebuild Plan and Quote

Our team develops a customized rebuild plan for your pump based on the inspection and assessment results. You will receive a detailed estimate for the rebuild project, including which components will be replaced, which will be reconditioned, and any additional details needed. Once you accept the estimate, the rebuild process begins.

Hydraulic Pump Reassembly

Some parts are reconditioned during reassembly, while others are replaced with new or refurbished components. Experienced technicians specializing in hydraulic pump rebuilds carefully reassemble the pump, ensuring all bolts are tightened to the correct torque.

Testing the Rebuilt Pump

Each rebuilt pump undergoes rigorous testing. We put the pump through thorough performance and quality tests to ensure it meets or exceeds the original OEM specifications. After passing all tests, the rebuilt pump moves to the final stage: repainting.

Rebuilt & Refurbished Hydraulic Pumps: An Economical and Reliable Solution


When faced with hydraulic pump failure, you can consider repair, replacement, or rebuilding. Rebuilding hydraulic pumps has become an increasingly popular choice for businesses. Let’s explore why rebuilding and refurbishing hydraulic pumps is a smart decision.

Cost Savings

One of the primary reasons companies choose hydraulic pump rebuilding is the significant cost savings it offers. Rebuilt pumps are typically half the price of new ones, providing exceptional value for your investment.

High Quality

Rebuilt hydraulic pumps from Delta Hydraulics undergo a rigorous process, including replacing seals and bearings, reconditioning parts, and thorough testing. The result is a pump that is like new or even better, with a lifespan comparable to 75% of a brand-new pump.

Shorter Lead Times

When time is of the essence, choosing to rebuild hydraulic equipment is often the most practical solution. Certified rebuilds involve shorter lead times than waiting for replacement parts for a repair or purchasing a new pump.

Environmental Benefits

Opting for hydraulic pump rebufurbishment is an environmentally friendly choice. Rebuilding significantly reduces the energy required for manufacturing compared to producing new pumps. It also generates less waste, making it a greener option for your business.

Let the Experts at Delta Hydraulics Rebuild Your Hydraulic Equipment

When your hydraulic pump needs a new lease of life, consider the cost-effective and eco-friendly option of hydraulic pump rebuilding. Delta Hydraulics’ comprehensive rebuild process ensures that your pump is restored to its former glory or, even better, provides top-quality performance at a fraction of the cost of a new pump. At Delta Hydraulics, we have over 50 years of experience in the hydraulic industry, making us your trusted partner for hydraulic power solutions. 

We offer rebuilt hydraulic pumps, custom-designed and manufactured HPU solutions, repair and refurbishment services, and more. Our team of skilled technicians prioritizes efficiency and customizes solutions to meet your needs. Trust the experts at Delta Hydraulics for all your hydraulic power needs and experience the difference in performance and reliability. 

Call us today to discuss your hydraulic pump rebuilding project and get your equipment back up and running efficiently.

Vice President

Jeffrey Alexander grew up with his dad, Phillip Alexander and his brother learning the skills of working with, repairing, and building hydraulic equipment. He became a machinist through the teaching of a friend and employee of the company. Jeffrey learned quickly and understood the mechanics of hydraulic equipment. After graduating from high school, he attended Angelina College and worked with a local automotive dealership until he joined his dad Phillip Alexander in the hydraulic business. At that time the business specialized in the refurbishing of hydraulic equipment including rebuilding a tensioner and a carousel for loading pipe on board a ship. Jeffrey has been instrumental in the building of Delta Hydraulics & Service rental fleet. Phillip and Jeffrey saw a need for specialized hydraulic power unit rentals and began to build and rent units throughout the United States. Jeffrey enjoys hunting, fishing, and boating as well as cruising the beach in his jeep. He has been seen on an occasional ski slope when on family vacations. He enjoys the outdoors and has discovered many our nations national parks including Yellowstone National Park as a favorite destination.