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Are you looking for reliable, cost-effective hydraulic power units for your next project? Look no further than Delta Hydraulics. Our versatile inventory of professionally engineered HPUs is available on-demand from coast to coast, providing dependable performance for industrial enterprises and engineering firms across the USA.

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On-Demand Inventory

We maintain a robust inventory of hydraulic power unit rentals for projects of all sizes and scopes. Our units are readily available for speedy delivery across the nation so that you can easily maintain your project timelines and budgetary targets.

Custom HPU Solutions

At Delta Hydraulics, we understand that each project has unique requirements. That's why we offer complete engineering and fabrication services to customize our HPUs to meet your needs.

Whether you require a diesel or electric-powered unit, stainless steel water glycol unit, fixed displacement or compensating pump, directional control valves, self-contained skin mount frame, water or air heat exchangers, or any other accessory, we've got you covered.

HPU Setup and Training

Delta Hydraulics provides onsite installation of hydraulic power units by experienced, specialized technicians familiar with hydraulic system functions and requirements.

Our technicians also offer onsite training for hydraulic system startup and maintenance, safety training, and awareness for hydraulic unit use.

HPU Delivery

Hydraulic Rentals Available with Delta Hydraulics


Professional Grade Hydraulic Power Units

Delta Hydraulics has over 50 years of experience engineering and fabricating reliable hydraulic power unit solutions. Our HPUs are trusted by customers nationwide for optimal performance for any project or testing specification.

Flushing Unit Rentals

Our hydraulic flushing service ensures that your hydraulic systems function at peak performance. We have the right equipment and filters to exert the correct pressures to flush your hydraulic system for performing routine maintenance, repairing a current hydraulic system, or flushing a newly built hydraulic system.

Our hydraulic flushing procedures and equipment ensure the proper particle count to meet your engineering standards.

Flushing Units
Cooling Unit

Cooling Unit Rentals

We also offer customized cooling unit rentals to meet our client's needs. Whether you need power for a particular project, construction project, testing newly engineered products, or emergency power source, we have various rental options.

Our custom-built HPUs have various engineering adaptations and accessories to meet your unique requirements.




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