Flushing Service

Well planned proactive flushing can provide considerable return on investment for your hydraulic system maintenance

With the expertise of the Delta team combined with a large inventory of flushing equipment, we can customize our equipment to provide flushing services for moderate flows with the demand of higher-pressure flushing requirements.

Maintenance & Diagnostics

Delta’s variable frequency drives can adjust the flow output to maintain higher system pressures throughout the flushing process. We understand the importance of keeping the flushing fluid at a suitable temperature.

Within our inventory we have various types of heat exchanger to help maintain flushing temperature requirements. Our heat exchanger inventory includes tube and shell type heat exchanger and air-blast type heat exchanger. Delta can also offer various types of filters and filter housings including low-pressure and high-pressure filter housings.

Our equipment has been utilized for component system flushing, large hydraulic manifolds flushing, multi-circuit flushing, oil transfer, and oil viscosity flow testing.

Delta Hydraulics also offers in-house cleaning services to remove debris such as sludge, rust, and asphaltenes from various types of equipment used in the oil and gas industry.


Contaminated fluid in a hydraulic system is the primary cause of failure

Before installing new major components, the system must be completely free of contamination.  Changing the filter element and fluid is not enough to thoroughly clean the system.

Flushing Units

Hydraulic Flushing

Delta Hydraulics & Service hydraulic flushing service will ensure that your hydraulic systems are functioning at peak performance. As hydraulic systems age particulates can accumulate in the hydraulic fluid causing wear and tear to pumps, motors, valves, cylinders, and other hydraulic components costing your company money in the form of costly repairs.

Delta Hydraulics has the hydraulic flushing equipment, filters, and expertise to exert the right pressures to flush your hydraulic system for routine maintenance, repairing a current hydraulic system, or flushing a newly built hydraulic system. Our hydraulic flushing procedures and equipment ensure the right particle count to meet your engineering standards.

Delta Hydraulics & Service also rents a variety of hydraulic flushing equipment to meet your maintenance team requirements to flush your hydraulic system. Delta’s personnel can help with flushing unit set up and training as well as guidance in the use of the best filters for your flushing task.


Delta Hydraulics filtration systems will help you save valuable dollars and get the most life out of your hydraulic fluids by restoring fluid back to the recommended ISO cleanliness level.

Using our particle counters Delta Hydraulic technicians continually monitor the cleanliness of fluids being filtered to ensure filtration levels have been achieved.

Delta Hydraulics’ trained technicians service your on-site flushing needs to eliminate contamination levels within hydraulic systems. Contaminated systems cause major component failure and expense.

Our flushing skids provide the capacity and performance required to remove solid particles at the required viscosity and pressure ratings. Delta Hydraulics & Services provides the documentation to meet required ISO standards.

Preventive maintenance provides an effective alternative to emergency flushing procedures by the performance of proactive flushing instead of costly upgrades or a complete modification of systems.


Why Choose Delta Hydraulics?

Renting equipment is an economical and flexible alternative for a brief period. We have you covered whenever you require a flushing unit, test equipment, hydraulic power, or a mobile filtration system. All our units are regularly maintained and checked, ensuring they're always ready for operation. We guarantee the rented equipment's availability on schedule, facilitating a smooth project execution.

Our engineering expertise, combined with our production, testing, commissioning, installation, and service, allows us to deliver tailor-made hydraulic systems with associated control systems on a turn-key basis. Our dedicated and experienced team is committed to providing the best possible solution for your project.

Wide range of hydraulic flushing units to meet specific needs

Delta Hydraulics provides a vast fleet of flushing units that can match the needs of various industries, including the construction, marine, and aviation sectors. Our units are designed to handle different oils and fluids and can operate in varying temperatures and environments.

Experienced team to assist in all phases of critical flushing

With over 40 years of experience, our engineers and technicians have an in-depth understanding of hydraulic systems and their components. They use advanced tools and techniques to provide custom solutions to help clients achieve optimal performance and reliability for their equipment.

Reliability and Responsiveness

At Delta Hydraulics, we understand the importance of keeping projects on schedule. That's why we deliver equipment on time and adjust to your needs if circumstances change.

Dependable & High-Quality Equipment

Our extensive fleet of flushing units is ready to cater to your specific requirements.

Quality Assurance

At Delta Hydraulics, we take pride in providing quality assurance for all our hydraulic flushing services.

Check Our Rental Flushing Units

Keeping hydraulic power systems clean is of utmost importance for top system performance. Oil cleanliness is important in improving equipment performance and extending its life. Our flushing equipment rentals will enable your maintenance team to ensure the achievement of the appropriate cleanliness standards.

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What We Offer

Flow rates & pressures tailored to your system

Unit capacity sizes customized to your needs

Suitable units for both onshore & offshore usage

Optional boost units & pumps

Particle counter

Numerous Industries We Serve

We have been instrumental in meeting the hydraulic services and rental needs of many industries, including factories, coal mining, chemical, municipalities, power plants, marine, government entities, onshore facilities, and mining industries.

  • building construction


  • Chemical Plant


  • oil gas refinery industry

    Oil & Gas

  • Mining Operation

    Mining Operation

  • Industrial Machinery - Delta Hydraulics

    Industrial Machinery Research Testing

  • Marine Repair Facility

    Marine Repair Facilities




Delta Hydraulics rents Flushing Units customized to meet our clients' specific needs. We provided the expertise in customizing an HPU that will meet their needs for special projects.

Contact us today for more information on our current HPU inventory and engineering services or complete the
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