Powerhouse Hydraulic Power Units

This is a picture of a Belgium draft horse. A single Belgium draft horse can pull 8000 pounds, so you would think that two Belgium horses pulling together could pull 16,000 pounds, but you would be wrong. Two Belgium horses who have not been trained to work together can pull up to 24,000 pounds and two Belgium horses who have been trained to work together can pull up to 32,000 pounds.

So how does this relate to your industry and renting HPUs?

By working together with Delta Hydraulics & Service towards the common goal of choosing the right HPU for top efficiency for your power needs, your project will succeed at its top performance level to create exponential results. Our team has years of experience building HPUs and renting them for a wide variety of fluid power needs. If you want to talk about fluid Powerhouse HPUs give us a call at 713-991-6903.